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Addition of RSQ1 increases mobility on FFD test

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Addition of RSQ1 increases mobility on FFD test

The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of adding the RSQ1 to regular mobility exercises on different mobility parameters.

The mobility of two groups of in total 53 healthy subjects (control: 26 participants, intervention: 27)  was measured by the Modified Schober Test (MST) and Fingertip-to-Floor Distance  (FFD). The mobility of all participants was measured before and after a set of three series of ten repetitions where participants reached with their hands to their toes (good morning exercise). In both groups the RSQ1 was attached, but only in the intervention group there was an electrical output which creates a light contraction, there wasn’t any output in the control group.

As you could see in the enclosed image, the intervention group shows an improvement in mobility on both parameters (increase in MST and decrease in FFD). However this improvement on the MST isn’t a significant difference.

Both groups show a significant improvement on the FFD parameter, but the improvement in the intervention group is significantly higher in comparison with the control group. Which means that adding the RSQ1 to this exercise enhance the results on the FFD parameter.

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